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You’re passionate about design and project management, and I'm here to offer my support and expertise to bring your vision to life. 

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Meet Your Interior Designer and Top Support


my name is Jacqueline

With over 15 years of experience in interior design, including a decade of owning and operating my own design firm, I've had the privilege of serving over 100 clients.

Having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design and Architecture and years of valuable experience gained at Herman Miller, Kendall Wilkinson Design, and Homepolish, my focus lies in residential design, where I offer customized solutions to suit my clients' lifestyles perfectly.

With an eye for detail and function and exposure to various styles from extensive travel and personal home remodeling experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to turn my clients' visions into their dream homes.

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Consult, Act, Repeat.


Custom interior design support only when you need it.

You’re busy designing the perfect home, but sometimes, you need the reassurance and support of an expert to help you make decisions to avoid costly mistakes. ADL-Interiors is your on-call expert, providing guidance only when you need it.

Tailored Design Consultation
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  • ADL Interiors Light Kitchen

    Summer 2024 Trends and How Best To Use Them

    Interior design trends come and go in the blink of an eye. Yet why is this happening? Social media, advertising, and fast product production have made accessing and implementing new trends more available. However, this can sometimes lead to falling victim to the bandwagon effect and designing for the sake of likes rather than your personal taste. The good news is there are ways to avoid this design trap.
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  • ADL Interiors Palm Desert 2024

    A Designer Journey: The Oasis of Palm Desert + Shop Our New Desert Collection

    While Palm Springs is well known for its vibrant nightlife and iconic mid-century modern architecture, Palm Desert is a serene place to escape. It is home to world-class golf courses and tennis facilities, high-end shopping comparable to Rodeo Drive, and beautiful landscapes in sun-kissed weather.
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  • Design Guide: Revitalize Your Designer Home with a Spring Refresh

    Design Guide: Revitalize Your Designer Home with a Spring Refresh

    Maintaining your home’s design, furniture, and decor is an essential annual task, ensuring longevity and promoting your family’s health. Neglecting a spring refresh can lead to many issues, including accumulating allergens, worsening broken items, lingering smells, and grime becoming unmanageable or irreparable.
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Are You Ready To Hire A Designer On Your Terms?

Not sure where to start with your design project? Begin with a complimentary consultation. You can walk me through your vision and I’ll guide you on the next steps. At the end of our appointment, I will help clarify which ADL Interiors resource or service is best for you and your needs.